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NQ Lawyer retention figures point to increase in confidence




A recent NQ retention survey by Douglas Scott revealed that 92% of trainees are being retained. 86% of firms were retaining the same or more trainees compared to last year. 32% of firms were then looking to increase intake in 2014 compared to 5% who were reducing the number of trainees on their books. The Personal Injury specialists amongst our survey are proving resilient - reporting 100% retention with total numbers up on last year and an increase planned for next year. 


20% of mid-sized regionals retained less trainees this year but none had plans to decrease intake again and 15% were looking to increase the number of trainees in 2014. Smaller firms on average took on the lowest number of trainees and were more likely not to take on any at all. Of those that did 100% of trainees were retained this year which was the same as 2012 for 90% of firms. 10% posted an increase. 70% of smaller firms will keep the same level of trainee intake in 2014 and 30% will increase it. The 30% looking to increase intake are Personal Injury specialists.


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Study shows increase in Legal jobs in UK and Europe


Legal vacancies increased by just under 15% in the last quarter, according to the newly released European Job Index by professional recruiter, Robert Walters.


The Index, which tracks increases in advertised jobs in both the UK and other parts of Europe, pointed to an overall rise of 14.9% in the number of vacancies available.  Activity in Scotland has flourished. Vacancy levels also rose in the North East and North West, followed by London and the Midlands.


The figures contrast with sluggish or declining demand for legal professionals in a number of European countries. Advertised job levels in the same period dipped by 2% in France, in the Netherlands by 1% and in Spain by 5%.


Colin Loth, Director of Legal Recruitment for Robert Walters, comments: “We are delighted to be publishing these figures, which underline a solid quarter of growth in recruitment activity in the legal sector. In London especially we are seeing multiple drivers of growth, although those with experience in financial services roles, banking, funds and debt capital markets are in especially acute demand.


To download the full European Job Index, please click here. 


Robert Walters

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New study by Legal recruiter reveals best time for interview


Wednesday lunchtime could be the best time of the week to have a job interview in the UK, according to data from recruitment consultancy Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment. 

Its analysis of over 1,000 interviews showed that 36% of candidates getting the job or making it through to the next round had interviewed on a Wednesday, compared with 30% on a Friday, 18% on a Tuesday, and only 9% and 7% on a Thursday and Monday respectively.

However, London-based candidates who opted for an interview before or after their working day were better rewarded for their effort, with 16% and 10% of successful interviews taking place before and after work respectively.

A consultant from Douglas Scott, commented: “We advise trying to meet when you are less stressed, if possible. Obviously more of our candidates opt for during work times as opposed to rushing to an interview before or after work – and it is paying off.”

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TotallyLegal launches jobs on the go feature


Totally Legal has just rolled out a ‘jobs on the go’ feature that allows candidates to apply for jobs on a mobile. By integrating with Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and Google Drive, TotallyLegal has made it possible for you to apply for jobs using CVs stored on one of these free file sharing services at any time from your mobile. 


All it takes is 4 simple steps:

1.      Find the Job

2.      Click on “Apply”

3.      Click on “Choose File”

4.      Enter your login details so that  TotallyLegal can securely and attach the selected CV to your application. 


To find your next legal role, click here


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Market movement makes Midlands Lawyers more optimistic


Midlandslawyers are growing increasingly optimistic as the changing monetary landscape shows sign of improvement. According to the latest Pay and Compensation Survey by recruiter Robert Walters, 73% of professionals in the Midlands are expecting a salary increase this year particularly those at national firms whose expectations are even higher. The study reveals that 78% of legal professionals at national firms believe that a raise is imminent. The sentiment is less widely shared among legal specialists at international, boutique and regional firms.


“What we are finding is that businesses are focusing on retaining top performers, meaning it is these professionals who are typically receiving the largest pay rises and bonus pay outs”, says Tom Pogmore, Manager of Legal Recruitment for the Midlands at Robert Walters.


However when it comes to the increment itself and bonus expectations are comparatively more modest. While 36% say incremental value is likely to be between 1% and 3% of their salaries only 7% expect an increase of 10%. Bonus expectations mirror this sentiment but while only 38% feel that a bonus is on the cards there are more professionals expecting a bonus than last year indicating an increasing level of optimism.


If you’ve been thinking of moving jobs it’s a good time to search and apply for a new role on TotallyLegal where you will find opportunities to match your expertise across the UK including in the Midlands.


To view the latest jobs from Robert Walters, click here

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Contract Hiring in legal sees YoY% increase


Contract hiring in the legal sector is on the up particularly in the City according to a recent report by Legal recruiter Badenoch & Clarke. The study which places the legal sector in the top spot for growth in contract opportunities, followed closely by accounting & finance revealed other findings that provide further indication of the buoyancy of contract hiring in the legal sector.


According to the report, legal contract vacancies rose by 12% in May, a YoY% increase of 53%. The most sought after sub sector for contract lawyers included litigation where contract hiring was up 98% last month and family law where the number of vacancies rose by 24% last month.


If you are looking for a new legal role, search and apply on TotallyLegal today or browse the latest opportunities from Badenoch & Clarke here


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New legislation paves the way for ABS


Following the introduction of the highly anticipated Legal Services Act over a hundred firms have already been registered as ABS, according to the Law Society. This has enabled law firms to trade cash for stakes with investors, and combine legal practice with other services.

Another upshot of this has been the emergence of legal practices with ABS from entrepreneurs and professionals from a non-legal background. These practices which begin life as an ABS have a different approach to client services and management. While they have opened up new career avenues the long term success of ABS is yet to be seen.    

We are also seeing legal departments turning their attention towards the adoption of ABS to bring work contracted out, in-house as registering as an ABS enables in-house lawyers to carry out legal services on behalf of existing clients of the business.   

To find out more, read here

What are your predictions for the success of ABS? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

If you're looking for a new legal opportunity, search and apply here

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In-house jobs lead the salary growth trend in legal


The latest figures from Robert Walters’ salary survey show that legal salary growth has been driven largely by the in-house market. The highest % increase was seen in London where in-house permanent salaries rose by 1.7% year-on-year (compared to 0.2% in private practice), while contract rates are up 3.5% (compared to 0.4% in private practice). These increases in contract pay are particularly marked in the banking and financial services sector, where they have risen by 8.5% over the past year.  


This positive sentiment is also reflected in the results of the Robert Walters Compensation Survey (conducted in November 2012), which revealed that 59% of legal professionals received a salary increase last year. Expectations for this year are also high, with 65% predicting a salary increase in 2013.


Did you receive a salary increase this year or are expecting to receive one?


To find your next legal role, browse the latest opportunities from Robert Walters or view our latest in-house roles here

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Legal salaries shows YoY% increase


According to results from the 2013 Robert Walters Salary Survey contract rates for legal professionals are up 3.5% year-on-year in the UK. The research also reveals that permanent legal salaries have increased 1.2% in the same period.  

The largest increases in permanent salaries have been evident in the Midlands, where they have risen 2.1%. The comparable figure for London is 1.1%. However, contract rates in London are up 3.8% and remain stable in the Midlands.  


Did you receive a salary increase this year or are expecting to receive one?


To find your next legal role, browse the latest opportunities from Robert Walters or view our latest in-house roles here

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Laurence Simons celebrates Pro Bono week

According to a recent study by leading legal recruiter Laurence Simons, the estimated value of pro bono work among the top 20 law firms last year was £180.9m  which is equivalent to 1.85% of these firms’ total revenue. Projecting this average across all 87,000 UK private practice solicitors, the total value of pro bono work in would be around £456m per year, equivalent to the average salaries of 3,679 lawyers. The results of this study were released to coincide with Pro Bono week which run from 5th November to 11th November.

“Legal firms undertake a large amount of work for charitable causes in their local community. For London firms, this year has coincided with the Olympics and Paralympics, allowing them to engage with community organisations in and around Stratford to help secure the legacy of the games. At the other end of the scale, some firms work on a more international scale, including one firm which negotiated the TV rights for the Paralympics in Haiti, helping to change attitudes to disability there. “, says Guy Adam, Director of Private Practice at Laurence Simons.

If you’re looking for a new legal role, browse the latest legal opportunities from Laurence Simons on Totally Legal.

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