Document Review Job Description

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 4 Apr 2023
  • What is Document Review?

    Document review offers prosperous work for legal professionals looking for temporary or contract work. A role that requires a distinct eye for detail, the in-depth litigation work conducted by Document Review Specialists (entitled Document Review Lawyers or Document Review Paralegal dependent on qualification level) aids the provision of evidence and research for legal proceedings.

    Document review as a process, entails the review and analysis of a multitude of documents, data, or information. It’s required for the discovery phase of litigation, aiding the disclosure of relevant information and documents to the prosecution or defence, to aid the internal reviews of different companies, or to assess the potential infringement of firms.

  • What Does a Document Review Specialist Do?

    Working in document review will see you analyse all forms of documentation, from emails and financial statements to contracts. A time-consuming, but rewarding process, it requires acute attention to detail, and strong analytical expertise.

    Demanding extensive organisation, document review can be conducted manually, or with the aid of e-discovery software. By developing specific search terms, e-discovery software helps to filter documents in term of relevancy, aiding the location of law infringements amongst a mass of documents.

    As a basic rule of thumb, your responsibilities will include:

    • Reviewing and analysing documents for relevance, privilege, and confidentiality.
    • Preparing and maintaining document databases and tracking systems.
    • Assisting with the preparation of legal briefs and discovery requests.
    • Devising and organising documents for depositions, hearings, and trials.
    • Complying with the deadlines set by the legal team and other stakeholders, to ensure that the research is provided on time.

  • How to Gain a Job in Document Review

    There’s no traditional route to working in document review, however employers look favourably upon those with ample education and experience. To succeed in a document review role, you should have:

    • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as law, business administration or an additional qualification, such as the GDL.
    • Legal experience: working as a paralegal, legal secretary, or trainee.
    • Technical skills: whether that be experience with electronic discovery software, databases, and document management systems, or familiarity with Excel.
    • Attention to detail: a vital skill for document review, you’ll require the ability to review large volumes of documents with a level of accuracy and consistency.
    • Analytical skills: as the goal of document review is to analyse and identify infringements of the law, an analytical mindset is essential.
    • Communication skills: a critical part of the role is communicating your findings and recommendations effectively to lawyers and other stakeholders.
    • The ability to meet deadlines: working to a timescale, it’s vital that your able to work under a slight air of pressure.

  • How Much Can You Earn in Document Review?

    According to our latest salary survey, Document Review Specialists earn an average of £58,000 per annum. This figure will adhere to external factors, such as industry, practice area and location. Discover our latest salary survey insights to assess your standing in the market.