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Five Top Productivity Tips For Remote Workers

Written by: Gemma Williams - Career Consultant, in association with Evie Courtier
Published on: 7 Jul 2023

Remote working

For the majority of workers, remote or hybrid working is the new normal. As noted within the TotallyLegal Salary survey, 79% of respondents have now adopted a hybrid or remote structure, with 10% working in an entire remote working capacity. With reduced hours spent on the commute, flexible hours, and all the conveniences of home by your side, it’s no surprise that remote working has become so popular.

Nonetheless, that’s not to say that everyone is sold. If you’re concerned about remote work impacting your productivity, you’re not alone. Many employees (and employers) worry that conducting business from the comfort of home could see a drop in the amount they get done. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can combat at-home procrastination and keep your productivity up.

Discover the latest tips from TotallyLegal below.

Follow a Work Schedule:

Making the most of the hours in your day is a given. As a remote worker, it’s essential that you plan and balance your week to enhance productivity. With 100% of those in Legal PA jobs, and Human Resources legal jobs conducting a hybrid working week, wherein organisation is a key part of the role, writing up and following a schedule will help to prioritise your goals, stop you from getting lost in admin, and make sure you stay productive throughout the work day.

Allocate the time of day, wherein you feel the most productive and fresh for:

• High-priority tasks
• Tasks that require acute attention to detail
• Tasks that are goal-focused

Once you’ve completed these tasks, move on to non-priority, simpler work.

Create a Morning Routine:

When heading out the door to work, you probably have a morning routine that you stick to. With remote working, it’s easy to lose track of your usual morning rituals, however, it offers an opportunity to adjust and create a new routine that aids home working and productivity.

A morning routine can help you feel more prepared for the day and get you in the mindset you need to be productive. Try waking up at the same time every day, making breakfast before you start work, and getting ready as you would if you were going to leave the house in a professional manner. Some people also find a bit of quiet time before the workday starts useful for reducing stress and boosting productivity. Read, meditate, or take a walk amongst nature for a positive start to your day. If you’re following a hybrid work schedule, keep up the routine you have on days you go into the office on days that you don’t.

Build a Productive Work Environment:

Your surroundings play a crucial role in how productive you are. When working remotely, you might not be in the same place every day, but you can still create an environment you thrive in. Start by reducing distractions. That’ll mean keeping your phone out of reach, turning off the TV, and making sure you’re not disturbed by those around you. Find out where you work best. For some, that might be in a dedicated home office, whilst others find a cafe or co-working space more suited to productive work.

Learn to Tackle Procrastination:

Procrastination is the enemy of efficiency. But when you’re distracted by just about everything and feel no motivation to work, what can you do?

There are a number of ways to tackle procrastination and the first is by simply doing something. Taking action can kickstart your motivation and help you get into that focused, driven mindset you’re looking for. Start with an easy task, like replying to emails or even writing out your work schedule, and see where your action takes you. It’s smart to take breaks, too. Nobody can work for hours on end without eventually procrastinating. Make the most of time away from your desk by:

• Going outside
• Exercising
• Switching off from digital devices
• Talking to a friend or family member about something other than work

Aside from action and breaks, give yourself something to look forward to. Plan to see a friend or watch a film when you’ve completed all of your tasks, providing you with non-work-related motivation to keep going.

Create a Self-Care Routine:

Self-care is a wonderful tool to improve mental health. Studies show that by following a self-care routine, you can boost your energy, reduce stress, and elevate your mood as well as actively increase productivity levels. A self-care plan should include activities that look after your body and mind, creating a well-rounded wellness routine. Blend exercise, diet, and relaxation for a happier, healthier you. Some activities you might want to add to your plan include:

• A morning run
• Cooking a healthy dinner
• Getting showered before starting work
• Drinking green tea
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Reading

Once you’ve created a daily and weekly routine, stick to it wherever possible. Just by ticking these wholesome, healthy tasks off your to-do list, you’ll be setting yourself up to work better.

Final Words:

Productivity naturally fluctuates, so don’t be too hard on yourself on days when you struggle to find motivation. Instead, give yourself a break and check back through these tips for a refresher. Remember, too, that a little self-care and the odd break go a long way.


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