General Counsel conference 2016

Published on: 20 Sep 2016

No longer solely charged with ensuring regulatory compliance, in-house legal teams are now in a unique position to take the lead on identifying, preventing and managing organisational risks and shaping strategic corporate objectives.

As a result, general counsel across all industries and sectors are striving to add value as both legal and business advisers.

This year's General Counsel conference provides a forum for leading practitioners from the UK and around the world to engage in an open discussion about the evolution of the role and the opportunities that it offers for rethinking the status of the legal department within organisational structure.

As businesses are becoming fully reliant on data-driven insights, the risk of technology-related security breaches is emerging as a major threat that requires urgent prioritisation.

In order to deal with this evolving business environment, new kinds of competencies are required and expected from the legal function. How can a general counsel ensure that their departments are well-prepared to approach new tasks and responsibilities employing best practice and technical knowledge, as well as demonstrating full personal and professional integrity and ethical conduct? What new skills are moving to centre stage as legal teams look for efficient ways to drive their business forward?

Overall, how are in-house lawyers adopting and adapting to technological advances that are fundamentally transforming every industry and each profession? What changes are we expecting in the work of the function in 2017?

The Economist Events’ General Counsel conference, taking place on Wednesday, November 2nd 2016 in London is a top-level event that sets out to find compelling solutions to meeting the changing expectations and respond to mounting demands and emerging responsibilities experienced by the in-house legal function.

Expert keynote presenters and panellists will explore the shifting landscape of the profession in order to gain a better understanding of the dynamics within organisations and legal teams.

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