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Does the Gender Pay Gap Still Exist in the Legal Profession?

Written by: Joshua Boynton
Published on: 8 Mar 2022

Last year, TotallyLegal and sister site GAAPweb – the UK’s favourite jobsite for accountancy and finance professionals – both published Audience Insight Reports that examined the state of their respective industries, with a view to looking at key trends and statistics that matter most to their professional communities.

This process is completed annually, with one of the most notable patterns the ongoing gap in earnings between male and female professionals in both the legal and accounting industries. In this article, we run through the relevant statistics to find out whether the gender pay gap is narrowing, widening, or persisting at its current level.

This in-depth evaluation of the difference in pay between professionals looks at various factors, in an effort to highlight not only where things might be going wrong, but also to understand how positive changes could be made moving forward.

Each year, we hope to find improved equity of treatment between professionals in the legal industry, yet we will continue to shine a light on these issues as long as they persist. For a deep dive into the gender pay gap in the legal profession, follow this link.