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Legal PA of the Year: Why Nominating your Employees is Good for Business

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 4 Aug 2022

PA of the Year

TotallyLegal; the UK’s leading job board for legal professionals has come together with its sister site, SecsintheCity, to share in the triumph of their annual Legal PA of the Year awards. With the awards just around the corner, it is time to think about why nominating your employees is not only beneficial to them but equally as valuable for your business.  

Providing your Legal PA with well-earned recognition demonstrates the value they bring to your team, giving a boost to internal morale.  The opportunities that awards reap for your employees are countless, from employee retention to career progression and a newfound value within the workplace. Award-winning isn’t just an ‘in-the-moment’ thing’; it has a long-term value that ‘champions the profession’. So, how can nominating your Legal PA be as advantageous for your business as it can for employee morale? 

Endorsement of your Business:   

For starters, having an award winner within your ranks brings an endorsement to your business and reputation as a company. It demonstrates that you recognise an employee’s outstanding efforts, hard work, and skillset. For job seekers, brand trust is one of the most important factors in their job search. In a tough recruitment landscape, those searching for jobs in the legal market, or specifically Legal PA jobs will find reassurance in a business that has shown itself to champion the careers of its legal support staff.  Nominating your staff for an award shows that you acknowledge employees as a core value within your business.  

Raising Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition:   

As commonsense would illustrate, and as noted by Forbes, people tend to work where their talent will be recognised. Rewarding people for their hard work is a notion as old as time, however for businesses it is more than just a pat on the back. Employees who feel safe and respected within their workplace are far more likely to contribute in the bid to attract new talent. By nominating your employees, job seekers will actively see that you invest in and support your people, aiding candidate attraction and bringing employer brand to the forefront. The unique value that award nominations will bring to your employee value proposition, will undoubtedly boost the quality of candidates applying for new roles, bringing new skills, experience, and capabilities to the table.   

Improve Employee Retention:   

Gaining and retaining talent is one of the hardest battles for businesses and recruiters alike. It is apparent, especially in a post-pandemic landscape, that employees leave their jobs due to a lack of appreciation. Tanya Jennings, our 2020 Legal PA of the Year winner, has continued to excel and evolve in her roles as Legal PA at Freshfields since her win. Catching up with Tanya last summer, she noted how winning the Legal PA of the year gave her the opportunity to ‘continue to explore new and innovative ways to keep providing the best and most efficient support and value’ that she can.   

Attracting New Business:   

It is safe to say that business awards are a guaranteed way to show your clients that you are experts in your field. Winning a business award certifies your business credibility, trust as a brand, and is the answer to your PR teams’ prayers.  Highlighting the achievements of your employees through a third-party endorsement demonstrates a level of care for prospective clients that they aspire to have when partnering with a firm. Whether you work with larger corporate companies or private clients, having a recognised Legal PA in-house not only determines that your clients will be working with the best, but it also establishes you as a firm with integrity and an employee-first focus.   

Set Above from the Rest:   

In a world of rankings and ever-changing legal landscapes, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Nominating your Legal PA for an award offers your business the chance to be different. As 2021 Legal PA Winner, Breanna Worton stated post nomination, ‘It really is the best feeling to hear that your stakeholders recognise how hard you are working. I will remember this moment forever'. She goes on to talk about how Legal PA’s are the ‘secret heroes behind the scenes’. These words resonate not only with fellow Legal PA's and other legal support staff, but also with current and prospective clients, and your business competitors. 

Championing the Legal PA profession by recognising their efforts and outstanding work is a sure way to boost internal morale, both individually and within the team.  

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