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The legal market in London is heating up

Written by: David Harris
Published on: 9 Jun 2015

Not only is the weather heating up in London right now - there are signs that the City's legal market is too.

One of the key indicators of a booming legal market is the demand for document review lawyers. As firms increase their case loads, so too does the need to build an ad-hoc team of lawyers to complete first level reviews in litigation and regulatory investigations.

Currently the market for document review lawyers is exceptionally buoyant across London, as evidenced by the sheer volume of document review jobs in London.

In keeping with the London legal market’s global reach, cases span across the continents meaning foreign qualified lawyers and those who are multilingual and native speakers of languages such as German, French, Portuguese and Dutch are particularly sought after.

Can document review service providers keep up with client demand?

Companies such as Kroll Ontrack, a well-established ediscovery software provider, have led the pack in response to client demand by creating a state-of-the-art document review centre in the heart of London’s legal district that houses up to 100 review lawyers.

Since opening at the start of 2015, the centre has been so busy that Kroll Ontrack has twice expanded the facility to accommodate more cases and more lawyers.

This demonstrates not only the high demand for document review services but that quality service providers are responsive to client need and will constantly evolve in order to continue to deliver for their clients.

Why don’t law firms review documents in-house?

Depending on the scale of the case or existing resource, many firms will conduct document reviews in house. However, many law firms are choosing to engage with an ediscovery provider in order to take advantage of the end-to-end services offered.

This means that in addition to the ediscovery provider’s offering the software, they also deliver a managed review service led by expert case managers and highly experienced review lawyers.

Furthermore, by instructing an ediscovery provider, firms are able to cut the costs of document review, making this solution popular with clients and partners alike.