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Top 10 ways to market your Legal self

Written by: Mark Harris, Morgan Hunt
Published on: 20 Aug 2014


  • When you’re looking for legal jobs, even if your own natural inclination is to be modest, there’s no place for it in the jobs market. Your ability to stand out from the crowd means getting your skills, experience and knowledge in front of the companies that you want to work for. Getting that all important job isn’t just down to your skills and experience, you have to be able to market yourself and not every one finds this easy. Thinking objectively about yourself and what you are good at is sometimes difficult. You also need to know who you would want to work for and what medium you would use to reach them.

  • Have a Strong and Effective CV

    Think of your CV or resume as your business calling card - impress prospective employers and recruiters with it and it will increase your chances of landing the job. Keep these tips in mind when drafting it:

     • Know yourself including your skills, experience, and achievements.
     • Know your audience and medium and then write it accordingly.
     • Use positive words with greater impact.
     • Be specific about your achievements; use bullet forms.

    You can get a free CV review from an expert at TopCV so as to get the best results for specific companies.

    Don’t forget you can upload your CV to TotallyLegal to give hiring managers and legal recruitment consultants the chance to headhunt you for their latest roles.

  • Use the Internet for Networking

    The Internet provides plenty of opportunities for fast, convenient, and effective networking, thanks to the social media and professional networking sites. Your ability to maintain an active and positive online presence will work to your benefit as an increasing number of employers use online profiles as part of their hiring process. Follow our best practice to set your online brand presence apart from the rest.

  • Establish Recruiter Links

    Reliable recruiters have recruitment professionals with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to match the person with the jobs. Talk to our recruitment consultants about matching your present skills and qualifications set with the available jobs in your preferred industry.

  • Be On Job Boards

    You can maximise the efficiency of your CV by getting on job boards like TotallyLegal which recruiters access daily for their activities. Just be sure to keep your CV relevant, accurate and updated.

  • Target the Best Companies

    Use your time wisely and target companies you’d like to work for. Assess your qualifications, make a list of the companies that are most aligned with what you want out of your career, your values and skill set and submit your applications. Targeted job searches increase the probability of landing the best job for your present requirements and future goals.

  • Get Your Elevator Pitch Ready

    What can you offer? Where do you see yourself in five years? Why this company? These are just a few of the apparently simple yet loaded questions that you must have the answer to keep yourself in the game. Your elevator pitch should be succinct, precise and positive. Don’t get caught off guard.

  • Widen Your Network the Traditional Way

     • While digital channels are great value for networking, consider using traditional networking methods to your advantage, too.
     • Find (or better yet, create) professional and personal networking groups with individuals and organisations with mutual goals in employment and business.
     • Use social occasions for a networking opportunity.
     • Offer to give talks in business meetings, teach a course at the local college, and write articles for the local newspaper.
     • Your goal: Demonstrate your multifaceted skills, competencies and capabilities to potential employers while also addressing your personal and professional development needs.

  • Form Strategic Partnerships

    Look around and find individuals and organisations that you can establish strategic partnerships with. It’s about, going above and beyond the usual networking methods.

  • Luck Has Little to Do With It

    Planning is the key to success in job searches - or to use a popular phrase, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Be prepared for the job interviews for the job itself, and for the career advancement opportunities because luck has little to do with success in the workplace.

  • Work on Your Development

    Think of yourself as a product - the more attractive you are to your target market, the more saleable you will be. You should, therefore, work on your personal and professional development even when looking for legal jobs - it's the only way to go up in the world.