Top Interview tips from Personal Career Management

Written by: Personal Career Management
Published on: 12 Apr 2016

Personal Career Management have put together some of their career tips on how to ensure you succeed at interview and get the job you want and deserve!

How to prepare for your interview

The first most effective thing you can do to enhance your likelihood of success at interview, is to fully prepare yourself. It will improve your ability to answer questions appropriately, confidently and make a good impression.

Read these interview techniques showing you what type of preparation to undertake in order to help you stand out on the day.

What to wear at interview

Whether you like it or not, your personal appearance will be judged as an expression of who you are and your approach to your work.

The right image is going to be one that helps the employer easily visualise you as one of their team and reassures them you can represent the company appropriately as a member of their staff.

Take a look at these top tips on how to dress for interview success!

How to handle tricky interview questions

Interview questions vary depending on the type of role you are applying for however there are three main areas that the interviewer will want to know. Your skills and experience to do the job, your enthusiasm and interest in the job and the company and more importantly whether you will fit in.

Take a look at these typical questions which might arise and how to handle them.


Personal Career Management work with their clients providing intensive interview training to maximise their chances of success at interview. Their career coaches have helped many accountants and finance professionals stand out from their competition to get the job that they want.


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