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Are you earning the right amount?

Written by: Ethan Cumming
Published on: 25 Sep 2019

We have just launched our salary survey – an annual questionnaire that helps members of our audience benchmark their salaries and gives us an insight into the legal profession.

TL salary survey

Each year, we ask you to give us the detail of your working lives, from job title and salary to location and tenure. This information feeds into our annual Audience Insight Report – the 2018 edition of which you can find here.

The results of last year’s survey revealed that, at 88%, the number of individuals in our audience with an undergraduate or master’s degree was 46% higher than the national average.

Meanwhile, making up 15% and 11% of our audience respectively, In-House Counsel and Paralegal proved to be the most popular job titles amongst respondents.

Despite being a topic of crucial importance in the legal profession and beyond, our survey showed that the gender pay gap continued to widen in 2018, with men out-earning their female counterparts by significantly more than the national average of 18% across several key practice areas including Private Client (43%), Corporate (34%) and Commercial Property (33%).

Has progress been made in 2019? Or have gender pay discrepancies continued to plague the legal profession for another year? Your responses will help us find out.

Further still, our salary survey offers you the opportunity to benchmark your current earnings. Collating the data offered by thousands of legal professionals, our Audience Insight Report will detail the average salaries for others in a similar role to your own, meaning you can find out if you should be earning more for your efforts.

If you would like to be involved in the production of an overview of the legal profession as it stands in 2019, simply fill out our online survey today.