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How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 1 Mar 2024

Multiple job offers

Searching for a new role, whether you’re applying for Paralegal jobs, Solicitor vacancies, or In-House Counsel positions, requires dedicated time and practice. Uploading your CV to totallylegal, opens the possibility of being headhunted for advertised, and non-advertised roles. Given your skillset, the demand for your expertise, and quality of your CV, the momentum at which the recruitment process unfolds can often take you by surprise.

On occasion, you may find yourself with multiple job offers in hand. The initial elation of such an achievement can be shrouded by multiple stakeholders all highlighting the merits of each offer. The most important decision thereafter, is which job offer should you accept?

If your “gut feeling” is absent, there are ways in which you can ponder and decide which role will be of most benefit to you, and your career.

Career Alignment:

The first thing to consider is how does your potential new role align with your long term career goals - what are the opportunities for professional growth and development? What kind of industry exposure will it bring?

As a budding paralegal, by example, you need to think about:

1) What opportunities are there for skill development?

• Which paralegal position offers the possibility to enhance specific legal skills, such as legal research, document drafting, and case management?
• Does one position provide training in specialised areas, like residential property and conveyancing, family law, or corporate law?

2) What are the advancement potentials?

• How is the career progression for paralegals within each law firm or legal department mapped?
• Does one position provide a clear path for paralegal advancement, such as senior paralegal roles, the chance to specialise in a particular practice area, or an opportunity to conduct a training contract for aspiring lawyers?

3) Industry exposure:

• Consider the legal practice areas or industries each paralegal position focuses on. Does one opportunity align more closely with your interests, whether it's litigation, personal injury, or private client work?

4) Networking opportunities:

• Research which firm or legal department offers a collegiate attitude towards interacting with lawyers, clients, and other legal professionals, either within the organisation or through industry events?

5) What’s the company’s commitment to professional development?

• Are there opportunities for paralegal-specific training programs, workshops, or resources to stay updated on changes in laws and procedures?
• Are they aligned with credible associations, such as the National Association of Licensed Paralegals, offering qualifications and development?

Work-Life Balance:

Evaluating the work-life balance is crucial when considering multiple legal job offers. Assessing how well each position aligns with your preferred balance between professional and personal life, comes down to a variety of factors.

1) What’s the expected workload?

• Does one position require consistently long hours or frequent overtime, while another offers a more predictable schedule?
• Contemplate the nature of legal projects and whether they involve tight deadlines or occasional periods of intense work

2) Flexibility and remote work

• As noted in our annual salary survey, 26% of our audience noted hybrid working as the most important influencing factor in their job search. When considering what level of flexibility you wish to acquire, it’s worth researching which company/firm offers the best flexibility of working hours, remote working options, and ideology surrounding work-from-home culture.

3) Assess the culture of presenteeism

• Evaluate the work culture regarding presenteeism. Does one firm prioritise face time in the office, does one focus on home working? Choose which company fits your ideal working relationship.

Compensation and Benefits:

When it comes to salary, our impulse reaction is to choose the position offering the highest pay. Before acting prematurely, remember the importance of assessing the financial package offered by each employer as a whole, and considering additional perks and benefits.

• Base salary: how well does the base salary align with industry standards? Evaluate your pay with our latest salary survey. Is the salary structure competitive? Does it correlate to your level of expertise?
• Bonuses and incentives: does one firm offer performance based bonuses, signing bonuses, or other financial rewards?
• What’s the benefits package? Deliberate the value of the benefits package in terms of your overall financial and personal well-being - do they offer health or dental care? What are their pension schemes?
• Equity and stock options: if you’re in a more senior position, such as a Partner, or senior Lawyer, regard the potential for financial gains through stock appreciation or dividends.

Company Reputation or Culture:

Understanding your potential firm’s or company’s standing in the legal market, noting their values, ethos, and culture, is an essential part of choosing your desired role. Research the reputation of each employer within the legal industry, by considering factors such as the firm's standing in legal rankings, client reviews, and recognition for achievements or contributions. For additional aid, explore the firm's history, notable cases, and any legal accolades to gauge its prominence in the legal community.

You could also explore:

• Employee testimonials: pay attention to the experiences shared by current or former employees, as these can offer valuable insights into the company's work culture.
• Company values: examine the company’s stated values and mission - do they align with your own personal and professional values?
• Diversity and inclusion initiatives: Investigate the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Examine any initiatives, programs, or policies aimed at fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.


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