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What to remember when looking for a new role

Written by: Frosso Miltiadou & Simone Timcke, Anthem Consulting
Published on: 14 Jul 2014

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Frosso and Simone are both Directors at Anthem Consulting. specialists in the recruitment of marketing and business development professionals into the professional services sector including the legal profession. They have over 20 years' combined experience of recruiting into the legal sector.


We all know that looking for a new role can be time consuming and at times frustrating. However, if you follow these top tips you can manage the job search efficiently and effectively. 

  • Invest time - find one or two specialist recruiters that you think will represent you well and help coach you through the application and interview process.  You should be prepared to meet with recruiters; a good recruiter will interview you properly not only to help match you to the right roles and firms, but also to provide you with constructive feedback and help prepare you ahead of an interview.
  • Be organised - If you are working with more than on agency and also applying for roles directly, keep a note of what you’ve applied for.  Only apply for relevant roles and tailor your CV depending on the role – it’s good to be proactive but if you apply for roles that aren’t the right skillset or level, when the right role does come up with that firm they may question your judgement.
  • Be open – be open to ideas and speak with your agent about roles rather than reviewing roles solely on a job spec.  A document alone will not tell you the whole story, as you know from your CV.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare – expect recruiters to provide you with advice and information about who you’re meeting but the rest is up to you.  Research the company, their competitors and the people that you are meeting as well as key trends and issues in the sectors that they operate in. Practice your answers to competency questions and really perfect your examples that really showcase your skillset and achievements. 
  • Be polished – get your best suit dry cleaned, polish your shoes etc;  first impressions DO count and it’s important to look the part for your interviews.  
  • Stay strong! – You’ve invested a lot of time in searching for a new role but it’s natural to  wobble when you resign but don’t forget the reasons you started your search in the first place.  Of course a firm doesn’t want to lose you, you’ve done a great job for them and it’s far easier to increase your salary/offer you promotion/more responsibility than going through the hassle and expense of recruiting.  But remember that 98% of people that accept a counter offer have reactivated their job search within six months.


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