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What Type of Lawyers are Most in Demand?

Written by: Evie Courtier in association with Temporis Recruitment
Published on: 22 Dec 2022


Legal recruitment has changed exponentially over recent years. Priorities of law firms have shifted from Covid survival to long-term growth, adapting to a post-pandemic candidate-driven market. As Lucy Tootell, Managing Director of Temporis Recruitment noted, “the number one question now asked by candidates is the prospect surrounding hybrid and remote working”, “remuneration is still at the forefront of candidates’ minds; however, the majority are more concerned with flexibility and work-life balance.”

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This article will guide you through the key practice areas and opportunities for Lawyers in the current legal recruitment landscape, diving into permanent and locum roles.

  • Construction:


    With the rising popularity of hybrid ‘work from home’ strategies, applications for Lawyer jobs in Construction have significantly increased. Dealing with matters of infrastructure, housing, construction and planning permissions, Construction Law is certainly relevant to today’s flexible working society. In line with the heightened demand, our latest Audience Insight Survey, detailing the responses of 1,200 legal professionals at the start of 2022, revealed that the average salary for Construction Lawyers has risen by 57% from 2021, now standing at £62,708.

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  • Shipping:


    The nature of the Shipping industry means that there will always be disputes over contracts, damage to cargo, and casualties that will require the work of leading Lawyers. The globalisation of issues has become a standard area of practice in the Shipping sector, from the Russian/Ukrainian war to the crew change and shipping container crisis. As noted in our survey, the average salary for Shipping Lawyers has increased by 56% in 2022. The increase in salary is supported by a steady year-on-year growth in applications across site.

  • Litigation:


    Litigation, the process of inaugurating, planning, and executing a lawsuit, continues to be one of the most in-demand practice areas. This year has demonstrated an escalated need for Litigation Lawyers, especially within Employment and Intellectual Property. With a 13% increase in average pay this year for those working in the Litigation sector, and application rates steadily growing, it’s clear to see that Litigation Lawyers retain their importance in the legal world.

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  • Family Law:


    Family law, covering domestic issues like marriage, adoption, child protection and divorce, continues to be an important area of legal expertise, especially in times of economic turmoil. The demand for Family Solicitors remains steady, gaining traction across recent years, with our audience investing time into applications. Public childcare law also remains an area where demand is high and candidate numbers are low. As clarified by Lucy Tootell, “those candidates with Children Panel membership are increasingly rare and as such demand will always be high within this area.”

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  • Private Client:


    Private Client law, encompassing matters such as wills, probate, estate administration and tax, is an area where clients are finding it incredibly difficult to recruit, leading to a large increase in opportunities. As Lucy Tootell recalls, “demand far exceeds supply in this market; with trainees choosing to take the more commercial route upon qualification there is a real lack of new talent coming through. This means that candidates who specialise in private client law are in extremely high demand and as such clients are having to offer increased salaries in order to compete for talent.”

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  • Immigration:


    Another topical and highly-demand practice area is Immigration. Immigration Lawyers in the UK deal with the aid of citizens of foreign nations who have come to the UK for work and a new livelihood. Immigration Solicitor jobs are in constant demand on TotallyLegal, with a steady influx of applications across site.

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  • Media Law:


    Media Law, encompassing the regulation of the media, in print form, broadcast or online, is a pivotal practice area in 2022. The demand for Media and Entertainment Lawyers, has allowed the industry to bounce back from post-pandemic recovery. 100% of our salary survey respondents working in the sector reported a salary increase, with the increased demand allowing salaries to soar from £62,273 to £106,071 in 2022.

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  • Compliance:


    Compliance Lawyers oversee GDPR, ethics and regulatory compliance policies, filtering into a variety of industries and sectors of the economy. The influx of new legislation affecting employers as the government recovers from the pandemic has left an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Aiding clients with the parameters of government guidelines, it’s safe to say that Compliance Law will always retain a level of demand in the legal market. This is ascertained by the steady demand and application uplift for Compliance Solicitors across TotallyLegal.

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  • Locum Roles:


    As Lucy Tootell explains, “in a market where demand far exceeds supply many firms are turning to locum candidates to fill the gaps left whilst they try and recruit permanently. This is also true where firms may be reluctant to commit themselves to a permanent recruit during a time of uncertainty in the market. Instead, they choose to utilise a locum who isn’t tied into a long notice period, and who can be paid by the hour.”


    “The locum market has been buoyant all year with candidates in very high demand and locums moving from role to role with ease. Particular areas, such as private client, are experiencing such high demand for locums that rates have increased dramatically. Locuming is proving a very lucrative career choice for those candidates who no longer want a permanent role, especially those lacking in flexibility.”


    “Another key pull for locuming is the flexibility that it affords. Locuming allows this change in lifestyle. Being paid by the hour means that firms are more likely to be amenable to locums working flexibly, be that start and end times, working days per week or hours.”



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