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  • What it means to be a 21st century lawyer

    • 29 Mar 2017

    Businesses are increasingly looking for innovative new ways of ensuring they remain commercially competitive in a constantly evolving market, and the legal industry is no exception. What was once considered to be a traditional sector is now becoming more commercially focused – and lawyers are continuously adapting their skill sets to keep up with this growing trend

  • The increasing demand for foreign lawyers in Paris law firms

    • 16 Aug 2016

    I’ve worked in legal recruitment in both Paris and London, and built up quite a range of contacts in both locations. In this Brexit-conscious era I am increasingly contacted by lawyers outside of France who are considering a move to the continent and want to understand what options are open to them in law firms in Paris.

  • Research proves Criminal Law is most transient in nature

    • 9 Jun 2016
    • Douglas Scott

    According to research undertaken by Douglas Scott, a third of the legal profession is on the move at any time but Criminal Law Practice is on its own when it comes to fluidity of the talent pool

  • The alternative route into the legal sector

    • 26 Apr 2016
    • Clayton Legal

    The vast majority of you probably ended up in the legal sector through the traditional route of university and a training contract, possibly with a conversion course sandwiched somewhere in between. For the past few decades, this has been the only option if you wanted to work as a solicitor, lawyer or barrister, but that’s no longer the case thanks to the rise of the paralegal.

  • An Interview with Philippa Southwell - Criminal Defence Lawyer at Birds Solicitors

    • 19 Apr 2016
    • Philippa Southwell, Birds Solicitors

    Philippa Southwell is Criminal Defence and Human Trafficking/ Modern Slavery Solicitor at Birds Solicitors. Her main area of practice is defending victims of human trafficking who have been forced into criminality and who have been convicted or prosecuted of criminal offences. She is recognised as one of the leading lawyers in this specialist field.

  • An Interview with Jenna Ide, Associate Solicitor at Thomas Mansfield

    • 30 Mar 2016

    Jenna Ide is Associate Solicitor at Thomas Mansfield. She successfully represented a Starbucks employee in a recent dyslexia case.

  • Cogence: The Future of Law survey results

    • 16 Mar 2016

    Cogence Search recently conducted their Future of Law Survey involving 12,000 lawyers from PQE1 through to Partner level. The aim of the research was to find out how lawyers view the present direction of law, and how they view the profession.

  • What are your career options if you don’t want to pursue a training contract?

    • 14 Mar 2016
    • Kelly Loydon, SSQ

    The job market for law graduates is as competitive as ever and many graduates find it extremely difficult to find a training contract. This has led to many turning towards paralegal positions and other non-qualified legal roles.

  • Tide turns in favour of UK Lawyers in Commerce and Industry

    • 8 Feb 2016
    • Georgina Maudslay, Laurence Simons

    At Laurence Simons we’ve seen increased activity with companies employing, not just replacing, in-house legal professionals. Our 2014 salary survey found that two-fifths of in-house legal departments experienced headcount growth in 2013.

  • What is the appeal of document review?

    • 4 Nov 2015

    Shilton Sharpe Quarry’s consultant Rachael Monteiro highlights the appeal of document review and gives her top tips on how candidates can capitalise on their experience within the field.

  • What do partners really want from a business development team?

    • 15 May 2015
    • Anthem Consulting

    In this article we explore what is expected from those is law firm business development jobs and why they should be valued by Legal Partners.

  • Nominations for SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Awa

    Nominations for SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Awards 2015 are now open

    • 21 Apr 2015

    We're looking for talented PAs to enter SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Awards 2015. If you are a PA, winning one of these awards is the ultimate accolade for your career

  • Courts to join the digital revolution

    Courts to join the digital revolution

    • 19 Mar 2015
    • Natalie Ferguson, Sellick Partnership

    There is one common complaint with solicitors - a lack of Wi-Fi facilities within courtrooms

  • eNL

    Legal recruiters eNL announce business growth and hiring strategy as market shifts

    • 6 Mar 2015
    • eNL

    National legal recruitment business eNL has recently promoted two directors, Rebecca Barry and Rebecca Lawrence

  • The rise of the interim market

    The rise of the interim market

    • 11 Feb 2015
    • LRC Solutions & Rosie Evans

    Find out in this article why contract legal roles are appealing to both law firms and legal professionals and why top candidates now seem to be seeking temporary legal jobs.

  • The financial services regulatory in-house practic

    The financial services regulatory in-house practice: the emergence of a new era

    • 5 Feb 2015
    • LRC Solutions

    There has been an increase in recent years of the importance of the regulatory practice within leading financial institutions and we are now seeing news levels of investment from some of the leading banks

  • ABS

    Law firms changing to an ABS – is this a trend?

    • 4 Feb 2015
    • Sellick Partnership

    The legal profession has been presented with many challenges over the course of its history, but the biggest threat has been the introduction of the alternative business structure (ABS) three years ago

  • EY has the word of the law

    EY has the word of the law

    • 22 Dec 2014

    Accountancy giant EY have recently been granted a licence by the SRA to provide legal services in the UK

  • A Breath of Fresh Air for Residential Conveyancers

    A breath of fresh air for residential conveyancers across England

    • 19 Dec 2014
    • Richmond Knightley

    A week on from the sweeping changes to stamp duty that were announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement on 3 December 2014, estate agents are reporting renewed interest from buyers as the traditional pre Christmas lull has come to an abrupt end since the announcement.

  • The damned recovery - recruitment challenges facing law firms in an improving market

    • 20 Oct 2014
    • Conor Dilworth, Pro-Recruitment Group

    The recovery is here, all the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction. The vast majority of firms we surveyed reported a significant jump in utilisation, recoverability is looking much healthier too. There is a drive to staff up the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2007.