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About SGR Legal

SGR Legal is a forward thinking legal recruitment firm. Helping Law Firms and companies create lasting relationships with the most talented legal candidates.

Here at SGR Legal our vision is to be better and to really focus on those things that are so often missing in today’s recruitment "numbers game". We take time to properly assess what both candidates and employers want, understanding personality and culture.

Such as the meticulous care that we put into people and relationships. The outside-of-the-box thinking that lights up our talent search and the dedicated approach that gives us the know-how and connections to serve you better.

Being absolutely focused on the legal sector, so we stay totally plugged in to needs, wants and trends and that way, we can be sure to deliver success for everyone.

Featured positions that our advertised here are a small portion of what we have to offer. The best way to get notified about out latest job offerings is to get in contact with us directly.


For an initial consultation and to get registered with SGR Legal call one of our consultants today on 0333 305 7530 or send your CV to us at



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