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If you are on the hunt for Paralegal jobs, look no further than TotallyLegal - the UK’s leading job board for legal professionals. Working with law firms, legal recruiters and employers, we display the latest Paralegal roles both in practice and in-house, in practice areas ranging from commercial and construction through to litigation and residential property. Scroll down to view the latest vacancies or click ‘read more’ to find out about the life of a Paralegal....
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The duties of a Paralegal vary from employer to employer, ranging from office administration tasks up to the type of fee earning work carried out by trainee Solicitors. Our Paralegal Job Description and 'Are you a Paralegal?' articles further detail the responsibilities and requirements of the role. According to our Audience Insight Report, the average Paralegal salary was £30,849 per year.

Some Paralegal jobs require a degree, professional certificate or experience but some are entry level roles, making them great opportunities to break into the profession. Check out our article on how to become a Paralegal with no experience to find out more.