Why Clifton Legal?

Clifton Legal sources candidates for a diverse range of both UK and multinational organisations across a wide spectrum of sectors and legal functions including:

  • Private Practice
  • In House
  • Company Secretarial
  • Compliance
  • Public Sector

Our recruiters are all experienced and have an extensive network in their chosen markets meaning we understand your specialist experience and aspirations and can give you an honest appraisal of the best opportunities for you.

Unlike a lot of recruiters, we are keen to open up a dialogue with potential candidates whether you are active in the market or perfectly happy in your current situation. We recognise that our careers, like life itself, are not black and white and that most of us are somewhere on a spectrum from “I really need a new opportunity now” to “I am really happy with my career at the moment but maintain a keen eye on my long term plan”. Of course sometimes situations can and do change quite rapidly. Whatever your situation, we tailor our engagement with you accordingly and ensure that we are always working to your agenda – not to ours. In this way we ensure that any opportunities that we do recommend are targeted to your situation and aspirations. We commit to being honest and impartial and to offer our best advice based on our experience.

When you do decide to explore an opportunity that we have recommended, rather than simply send you a job spec, we will provide you with the full background to opportunity, insight as to what the client is looking for, guidance on your application and your recruitment process as well as managing some of the trickier aspects when it comes to negotiating your offer.