Why join Law365?

1. Be part of a suc​cessful team!

We quadrupled in size in 2020 and are planning to continue that growth in 2021.

In the last year we’ve grown our client base from 10 clients to over 40, but with over 20,000 Microsoft Partners in the UK, we’ve barely scratched the surface!

We cater for all the different sizes of Microsoft Partners. Our subscription clients range from £100 million turnover to smaller businesses of up to £5 million. We are well known in the Microsoft Partner Network and our lawyers are fast becoming recognised as valuable advisors to these incredible businesses and to the Microsoft Partners’ customers.
We’re a small firm that packs a punch. We help level the playing field for our clients, who often find themselves negotiating deals across the table from Magic Circle firms or large, well-resourced inhouse legal and procurement teams.

2. Why be like the rest, when you can be the best?

Law 365 is not like any other law firm. We don’t believe in clock watching and billable hours – in fact we don’t have any time recording devices in the office! Good riddance!

We charge for fixed priced outcomes by offering a subscription model of legal services. Like Netflix or Spotify. That means we don’t count time, we count tangible outcomes. We are gamechangers in the legal industry, and this is one of the reasons why our clients love working with us and why lawyers find working here so refreshing.

We’re more like a Silicon Valley start-up than a law firm – so that means we’re ambitious and driven. It also means we’re paperless, we’ve got the best tech (and we know how to use it!), our offices are flexible and so are our schedules.

3. The best of private practice and in-house

Our business model offers lawyers the best of both worlds, playing in part the role of in-house counsel and private practice.

Our lawyers tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to really get to know their clients in an in-house capacity, as well as having the variety of working across multiple clients, building an excellent level of experience in technology and specifically Microsoft.

4. Love going to work each day 

It’s a work hard / play hard culture but with a modern twist – whereas ‘play hard’ once meant hitting the local drinking hole with your work colleagues, Law 365 gives you the tools you need to get the work done so that you can get the most from your personal life -- whether that’s more time for a long bike ride, a jigsaw puzzle, or a dog walk....Or, indeed, hitting the local with the rest of the team.

5. We're more than lawyers, we're business advisors

We’re specialists and award winning in the Microsoft Partner Network, which means we often know our client’s business better than they do, because it’s rare that there’s an issue we haven’t seen before. This means we’re able to prepare them for the problems that lie ahead, and make sure they’re protected from risk. In a nutshell – their success is our success. If they flourish and win more business, it just strengthens our bond. They know from the first meeting that this is isn’t just a “date” – we’re in the relationship long term and we want it to work. Our clients really appreciate the fact that we get to know them and in return they make us feel like valued members of their team.

6. Coaching and training

The company culture that we have created at Law 365 is one of openness and support. We want every member of staff to give have to the practical and emotional tools they need to provide exceptional client service. We maximise quality and efficiency so that our clients get what they need quickly and at a lower cost to them, so they can grow their businesses with less risk.

We ensure that we’re always improving by making sure that we learn from our mistakes. Instead of a shame-culture – where mistakes are hidden and not spoken about – we’ve introduced a Quality Management System which focuses on sharing the mistakes we make individually so the wider team can learn from them. We discuss ways that these situations could have been handled better, and come up with ways of working that will reduce future problems. It’s a way of working that the aviation industry has proven works, and it’s the opposite of how traditional law firms run. At Law 365 we understand everyone is human, nobody is perfect, and we have created a very trusting environment where we can feel safe to express them. Even our CEO talks about her mistakes (I think she secretly loves it!)

Wellbeing is at the very core of the culture at Law 365. Kim Simmonds, our CEO, is passionate about this and provides the team with a holistic range of wellbeing activities including yoga, meditation, nutrition workshops and mindful walks, to name a few. Wellbeing includes fun… and we’ve recently had a whisky tasting course and soon smoothie and wine tasting (in that order!)

As a member of the team you’ll be given the opportunity to have regular 1:1 coaching with our Executive Performance Coach to set solution-focused goals and actions to help you maximise your performance and develop a strong sense of resilience and wellbeing. We know that if our people are happy then our customers are happy too.

7. Specialise in tech and future-proof your career

Technology has become entrenched in daily life in ways many of us never anticipated before Covid, with toddlers to octogenarians finding themselves online for the basics of everyday living. IT is not a nice-to-have, it’s essential. It’s a non-negotiable, must-have for all businesses – from the local florist to the Fortune 500. Even businesses that felt they had robust tech have been challenged to do more, to be bigger, faster and more secure. Demand for services like cloud computing and AI is on the rise - and legislation is changing constantly to protect and regulate this sector as it expands.

Few companies have contributed more than Microsoft to this rapid digital transformation. As the only law firm in the world that works exclusively for Microsoft Partners, Law 365 is fast becoming the go-to resource for the brightest and best of them. Our Microsoft Partner clients are ambitious and resourceful and love that we match them with our responsiveness and can-do attitude.

8.Variety is the spice of life

No two days are ever the same.

Our work ranges from Master Services Agreements, Managed
Services Agreements, Professional Services, IT Consultancy Agreements, NDAs, Licence Agreements, SAAS, EULAs and all other types of day-to-day agreements needed for our clients. We also have an employment team which we are expanding.

We’re growing fast. We’ve quadrupled the number of staff in the last 12 months and are on the lookout for more talented members of the Law 365 team. Our junior lawyers say they benefit from being part of a growing team because there’s always a lot of meaty work to get their teeth into, and direct access to Seniors for questions and mentoring.

The more experienced members of the team feel challenged but appreciate the things we’ve done to improve and prioritise wellbeing and balance in the workplace and the culture.

9. Join a multi-award winning law firm!


  • “Innovator of the Year” SME News 2021
  • “Best Technology-Focused Legal Services Provider 2021” Corporate Excellence Awards
  • “CEO and Founder of the Year - Kim Simmonds” Global 100 - 2021
  • “Specialist Legal Service of the Year” London Prestige Awards for 2021/22
  • “10 Most Empowering Women in Business” Insights Success Magazine


  • “Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2020” Industry Tech Outlook
  • “Best IT Law Firm - South East England” SME Legal Awards 2020
  • “Best IT Law Firm of the Year - South East England” Global 100
  • “Most Influential Woman in Technology Law 2020 – Kent” 2020 Global Excellence Awards
  • “50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020” Silicon Review magazine
  • “Entrepreneur of the Year (Finalist)” Incisive Media Women in Law Awards
  • “UK – Gamechanger of the Year, Kim Simmonds, Law 365” ACQ Global Awards

10. Great perks 

• No time recording!
• Flexible working arrangements
• Hybrid between in-house and private practice
• Competitive pay
• In-house and external training
• Full access to private medical insurance (Vitality)
• Pension
• A suite of wellbeing initiatives and activities (personal trainer, mediation, yoga, gong baths)
• 1:1 and team coaching with our in-house Executive Performance Coach.
• A fun and social team
• Central office location within walking distance of the station
• Dog-friendly and gorgeous offices
• The best tech!