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An acronym of the latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum which translates as "thus it is demonstrated" or "that which was to be demonstrated". It is most often used as an annotation at the end of a complex mathematical, scientific or philosophical argument to show that the author had proven what he had set out to prove. In recent times it has also been translated as "Quite Easily Done".

As a recruiter you have to network, speaking to a large number of people and lots of law firms to really understand the market and have the connections to match people with opportunities quickly when they arise. A good recruiter needs to be Quick, Excellent and Dynamic in everything that they do. Allow the team at QED to demonstrate what we can do for your career.

Areas of Expertise

Partner Moves -  full and fixed share equity Other jurisdictions
Team Moves Professional Support Lawyers 
Firm Mergers Associate moves & Assistant moves
Succession / Retirement planning  Legal professionals
In House Counsel Support services
Patent / Trademark Attorneys Bolt-on 


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